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Raised in a family deeply rooted in the artistic heritage of the eternal city, I find myself paralysed by an imperative that could be described as academicism. My creativity has appeared evident since my childhood, my need for practice and experimentation “self-teaching”, a necessity. Yet, I feel crushed under the weight of a heritage that is visible everywhere in the Italian capital, unable to free myself from the fundamentals of figurative art. It is from this struggle against the influences that surround me that a fruitful paradox emerged. Through numerous ellipses of various artistic practices, by a continuous effort to conquer a creative "letting go", I have taken the risk of giving birth, over the last ten years, to a production entirely free from traditional aesthetic and figurative standards, a personal impulse released from these imposed aesthetic canons.


I am confronted with materiality: fabric, wood, glues, gesso, oils, paints, inks, pastels, papers, cardboard ... This "body to body", or rather this "hand to hand" is another parabola of the battle I lead for sincerity of my art, beyond the constraints that were once internalized. Through a real attitude of deep meditation with this matter, I finally managed to overcome my inner conflict and achieve a new and satisfying meaning, I would almost say a feeling of immortality, of infinity, of freedom. And it is the materials themselves, which, in their intrinsic constraints and qualities, ultimately guide my creation, also leaving space for accident, chance, and unintended possibility. With this daily practice, I invent new framing methods,  assemblages, sometimes innovative solutions that can intermingle different categories of objects. I like to use different mediums and techniques, sometimes I combine them with each other, sometimes their incompatibilities surprise me with unexpected effects. In this incessant experimentation, I never lose sight of the emotional value, the underlying “cartography” of my intimate story, the necessary liberation of the senses and of the singular expressions.


And, ultimately, transmitting all of this to others is at the heart of the practice, not to please, but because there is an element of universal truth in this long and demanding journey that I wish to share. From idea to object, from spontaneity to meticulous work. "In fine", I invite you to go beyond the material to reach the concept. I invite you to trust.

RESILIENCE 28x110  boite 30x30  mixte
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