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Elena Chioccarelli, born

in Rome, lives and works between Lausanne and Rome

Elena Chioccarelli was born in Rome in 1964. She has always practiced "plastic" painting, which includes many materials and techniques, acquired over several years of multidisciplinary training and experiences in the arts "of the hand ”, from fashion to the restoration of antique furniture and craftsmanship. A true alchemist in the field, she travels and settles in different places around the world, acquiring inspiration from local cultural practices that she now knows how to apply in a perfectly original synthesis. One might think that the artist dissolves in a relativity, a form of universal identity, and yet she does not, as her latest and ambitious series "Vita" attests, it is on the contrary in the very heart of herRoman roots that all her research is based on. Indeed, if like  Louise Bourgeois, she moves away geographically from her past, it is only to return to it, and to use it as an essential material for creation, in a surge of artistic resilience.


2019 - 2020

Workshops « The creative process”, Karina Zothner (Lausanne)

2007 - 2018

Different painting and drawing courses and workshops

Ceruleum Lausanne,

B.H. Desrousseaux, Lutry,

La Menuiserie Lutry,

Art Panorama, Facinas.


Classical decorative painting (Rome)

1990/91 et 1998

Restoration of antique furnitures (Rome et Buenos Aires) 


History of antique furniture (Museum of Decorative Arts of Buenos Aires)

1982 - 1983

Fashion Design courses (F.I.T. New York)









Personal exhibition¨Vita¨, Galerie MYOWNGALLERY (Milano)

Personal exhibition ¨Vita¨, Galerie MICRO (Rome)

Personal exhibition Vita, La Menuiserie (Lutry, VD)

Collective exhibition Transmettre, The Loft (Lausanne)

Personal exhibition of last works, The Loft (Lausanne)

Collective exhibition Buchillon au carré - Municipality of Buchillon (VD)

Personal exhibition Esplorante, Espace 52 (St Sulpice, VD)



PAMPITA, creation, realization and sale of craft collections of decoration and accessories (Argentina-Lausanne)


Restoration of furniture and decorative painting.

Creative courses for children.

Organization and fundraising for an "after school" activity for children of a
suburban community in the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Creation and implementation of an annual craft fair at the Italian Embassyfor the fundraising of this project. (3 editions)


Workshops at restoration workshops (Rome)


Creation, production and sale of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing collections. (Rome)

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