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The exhibition is based on a true story....
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In her latest series "Vita", she interlaces it with the "Great History": that of her grandparents who left for Ethiopia in the colonising impetus and then the debacle of imprisonment and return to  Italy still at war. From this exploration in the very sources of an extraordinary but hidden epic, magical as much as tragic, structured as much as secret, she creates an incredible body of work : paintings, texts, drawings, sculptures, books, boxes, videos, which dialogue with the archives. It is on an exciting journey to the heart of her roots, also through the imaginative hints of a mythical Africa, that our artist creates with body and soul. The result is a "total" exhibition, an immersive experience capable of ultimately unraveling, through an increasingly vaporous, mysterious and bewitching pictorial touch, the threads of a complex identity. In this artistic "letting go", the family narrative "heritage" finally finds a way to express itself, to repair, and to invite us to our own emotional and creative liberation.

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